Australian Bush Birds
Yellow Rosella  -  Platycercus elegans flaveolus
Yellow Rosella
Yellow Rosella at Wangaratta Victoria. This rosella variant is found only along the Murray Valley downstream to about Mildura.
map map The Yellow Rosella - Platycercus elegans flaveolus - is a variant of the Crimson Rosella (Platycercus elegans). This is a predominantly yellow bird with blue cheeks, mainly blue tail, many blue wing feathers and a red frontal band above the beak. Feathers on the back are black centred, broadly edged yellow. Grows to 31 to 35 centimetres.

Juveniles have dull olive-yellow upper parts with little black; under parts are greenish yellow, rump olive.

The Yellow Rosella is found in a specialised habitat in foliage along major rivers and tributaries and on broad flood plains with woodlands of river red gums and box trees; in roadside trees and paddock tree belts and in mallee. Feeds more in the foliage and less on the ground than other rosellas.

Despite colour differences and habitat preferences this bird is accepted as a variant of the Crimson Rosella; the two variants readily interbreed where they meet.

This is a sedentary species which is fairly common within its restricted range. Principally found along the Murray River Valley in Victoria/New South Wales.

yellow rosella yellow rosella
Two views of the Yellow Rosella head showing the red band above the beak.
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Yellow Rosella
Yellow Rosella at Balranald, NSW, along the Murray River Valley.
Yellow Rosella Yellow Rosellas feeding on ground plants. Wangaratta, Vic