Australian Bush Birds
Mute Swan  -  Cygnus olor
White Swan
Mute Swan, also known as the White Swan.
Mute Swan A few colonies of the Mute Swan, introduced from England, survive in Australia.
map map The Mute (or White) Swan - Cygnus olor - is a large water bird, entirely white with orange beak and black forehead knob. Legs and feet are black. Reaches 130 to 160 centimetres long and 220 to 240 centimetres wingspan.

Usually silent, hence the name, but this swan hisses in threat and defence and emits hoarse trumpeting when defending breeding sites.

Juvenile birds are grey-brown with grey beaks and no forehead knobs.

Introduced to Australia from 1886 until about 1920. Released in many locations but only a few colonies still survive, the best known being on the Avon River at Northam in Western Australia. Estimated total population is about 40.

Lives in rivers and ornamental lakes.