Australian Bush Birds
Little Raven  -  Corvus mellori
Little Raven
Little Raven at Port Fairy, Victoria, showing the white eye, powerful beak and black plumage shared with the Australian Raven. The Little Raven differs in the much smaller bulge of the throat hackles.

map map The Little Raven - Corvus mellori - is slightly smaller than other ravens (but not so much that the smaller size is obvious). Similar to the larger Australian Raven with the same black plumage, white eye and powerful beak, but the Little Raven has much reduced bulge of throat hackles when calling. The Little Raven has more finely tapering wing tips than the Australian Raven. Grows to 48 to 50 centimetres.

Juveniles have pink skin beside the chin; first year birds have brown eyes.

Distributed over smaller area than the Australian Raven; the Little Raven is found through Victoria, south-east South Australia and in New South Wales except for the north-east and north-west. Found in most habitats with the exception of closed forest. Often found in tight flocks containing several hundred birds which engage in synchronised aerobatics and massed flights to and from roosting sites.

The Little Raven breeds later in the year than the Australian Raven so reducing competition between the species for nesting sites and for food resources. Defends smaller territory than the Australian Raven.

Ravens have dusky grey to grey-brown under down beneath their feathers while crows have white down which may be visible if wind ruffles feathers.