Australian Bush Birds
Pacific Black Duck  -  Anas superciliosa
Pacific Black Duck
Pacific Black Ducks, male and female are similar in appearance.
Pacific Black Duck
Pacific Black Ducks with characteristic eye stripe.
map map The Pacific Black Duck - Anas superciliosa - has a dark brown body and white underwing linings. Bill is leaden colour. Face is white to buff, crown is black, a black stripe runs through the eye and there is another, less prominent, dark stripe below and parallel to the eye stripe but in line with the bill. Throat pale buff. Legs and feet are grey-yellow-green. Female has similar colouring but is browner rather than black on the crown. Grows 48 to 60 centimetres.

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Found in wetlands throughout Australia from creeks, rivers, small freshwater ponds to, more rarely, sheltered marine waters; preference is for shallow, well-vegetated swamps.

Common. Nomadic and sedentary.